About Scott

Scott Parent has been creating online content since the early days of the web. An early pioneer in streaming, Scott co-founded 8BallRadio – a live modern rock radio station – in 2000. Sensing a need for an intelligent conversation on global politics and pop culture, Scott launched the American Cliché podcast in 2005 to a worldwide audience. Early deals with HBO, Shell, Hard Rock Hotel, Earthlink, Mobil and Go Daddy put American Cliché on the map as a model for advertiser-supported audio content. Additionally, a deal to stream the show on Sirius satellite radio helped Scott continue to grow his audience. In 2012, after 260 shows and more than 13 million downloads, Scott shelved American Cliché to focus on new challenges and career pursuits.

After the presidential election of 2016, and its unthinkable results, Scott started to ponder a return. After five months of a Trump presidency and the general lunacy of our collective media landscape, he knew that it was time to put the wheels in motion. Episode 261 premiered July 26, 2017.

Scott serves as Global Communications Manager at a large tech company and works as a consultant for businesses in the digital marketing space. He lives in Santa Barbara, CA and is raising his amazing 9-year old daughter, Emma.